Hei module failure

What causes GM HEI coil failure? You had an "EST" HEI distributor (Extended Spark Timing)--those had no vacuum advance unit,it was all done by the module,which Since diagnosing the module, pickup, and the coil of an HEI distributor is a little trickier than an old-school points distributor, we checked in with the folks at Performance Distributor to get some diagnostic input. Advance Auto Parts has 36 different Ignition Module/Control for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. I certainly wouldn’t be looking at the module if I had a rough running or misfiring complaint. new here. Very easy to upgrade. Hei Module Symptoms: Rough Although the ignition module is a common failure it's not the only thing that can go wrong with an old Ford. Yeah, we know the module is nearly one hundred dollars, but how much is a tow bill or the stress from having your family stranded. The jury has not decided about the HEI advance kit yet yes i put the proper heat sink past on the bottom of the module They are open because of heat failure. Car not starting or engine not sparking. The MSD ready to run distributor is a very good distributor for our 348/409 engines. This can cause a coil to pass shop tests but fail under loads. Any ideas on what it could be? I've taken a spark plug out, grounded it, and im still getting nothing. There were also 5- and 7-pin modules used on computer-controlled applications, however they do not generally lend themselves to non-computer-controlled high performance applications. So by just buying the module for about $25 I could have a reliable ignition and still be able to afford to buy a spare one. GM HEI Ignition Module Engine Works Megafire High Performance Ignition Module GM | eBay I'd be looking at the pickup/hall effect sensor in the dizzy maybe? As the vac advance moves, the wires to the pickup move with it, and fatigue/break over time. GM made the BEST rev limiter they could come up with, the epoxy filled, runs at nuclear temps epoxy filled coils mounted in the cap. Keeping up with that fine tradition, the guys that scab in an HEI continue to ignore the ground-----When you are using a GM HEI distributor (complete) or a GM style HEI ignition module you need a power relay to correctly feed the system RQB3263 305 WITH HEIWe have two separate cars both with aftermarket HEI distributorsIn the last 2 years i have replaced 6 modules . To be fair, Dave (ignition man) warned us about the weak module. In our opinion, regardless if you have a stock motor or a high performance rebuild, it's number one on the list for "Best Bang for the Buck". The only difference would be that you would only have to hook up 3 wires to the HEI module for 83 and up models instead of 4 that you had to do for your 81. I have a MSD Pro Billet HEI distributor. It turns over strong, just NO spark. Help is just a click away! Ignition Installation Troubleshooting Tips/Frequently-Asked Questions Warning: Reversing the red and black ignition wires will destroy the ignition module and void the warranty. if not replace Why should you upgrade from points or a Mopar-type electronic ignition control box to a GM HEI module? In short, the HEI gives a hotter, longer-duration spark for better ignition and more complete combustion. Ran fine the other day, but today it was no spark. Symptoms of a BAD Ignition Control Module The following are usually the most common symptoms of a BAD ignition control module on this type of GM distributor mounted ignition control module: The car (or truck, or mini-van, or van) will Crank but NO START. Exactly, the 4 and 8 pin modules both have two plastic locating pins on the bottom side that need to be knocked off so the module sits flat on the heatsink. Failure to remove these tabs will cause the module to fail from overheating. Again these are a failed module or defective ignition coil. Symptoms of a BAD Ignition Module and Ignition Coil. By 1978, it had a five-pin unit. All that's required is a Duraspark distributor, HEI module, and coil. The best part is, our Chevrolet Camaro Ignition Module/Control products start from as little as $21. Chevy HEI problems - What's going on here? and it would start right up again. This is a must have. Parts are just part of what we do. The BWD P-Series module has an OE-quality back plate for heat dissipation, so heat does not cause premature failure. put new module in it. An engine has a synergy between its operating parts, and a failure in one area can induce a false symptom in another. An inherent problem exists; if you make any mistakes or skip any steps you will find the module at fault and mistakenly replace it without repairing the failure. haha. Page 2 of 3: How to Troubleshoot a No Start (GM 4. If unused trigger leads short together or to ground, the HI-6 D D Gearhead/Paraphenalia Shop post all your NEW items here. I've been through at least 4-5 modules over the past 5 years. MAIN REASON HEI MODULES FAIL, SAME AS THE REAL REASON AN HEI WON'T REV PAST A CERTAIN RPM, THE EPOXY COIL IN THE CAP IS TAKING A DUMP. FITS ALL 4 PIN OE (GM) AND AFTERMARKET FULL SIZE HEI DISTRIBUTORS. I only ever had but one failure - ignition module. HEI to UNILITE ® Boot Terminal Kit. No Start Test 2: Checking for Fuel. The HEI design incorporates the vacuum advance mechanism, the ignition coil and a permanent magnet assembly that has a pole lined with teeth and a pick-up coil. Holley carburetors powered every Monster Energy NASCAR® Cup team and nearly every NHRA® Pro–Stock champion for four decades. Out of options on the side of the road, I called AAA and had it towed home. I suspect a problem with the pickup coil, but I don't know if what we are seeing is a failure symptom of the pickup coil or not. Reverse procedure to install. The 7-pin HEI module won't use 3 of the pins that are used for the computer controlled timing advance and will rely entirely on the mechanical/vacuum (if applicable) advance in the distributor. My coupe has a Ford 392 Stroker 475 HP P/N M6007C392RT) engine with an MSD ignition system consisting of an MSD 8202 Coil, MSD 6AL Ignition module and MSD distributor with mag pickup. Basic Operating Theory of the Ignition Module. Some people have remote mounted HEI modules. The spark then travels down the spark-plug wire to the correct spark plug in the proper cylinder. Mechincal advance weights with improved spring tensionfor superiorperformanceover sluggishfactory HEI units. I have brought it to three shops and apart from replacing either the whole module or all the coils no MSD Pro billet distributor, problems No fire all the sudden and no doubt I found the problem, well one more. terminal is to restrict current flow through the ignition coil. Try that with an MSD distributor which has the same performance. The 6AL bypasses the control module, and so you remove the in cap coil and module. I need to avoid this if possible. Re: Bad coils delco hei voyager ignition Two common problems with the HEI ignition systems is module failure and cross fire. The ignition coil is truly an amazing little device. Most auto parts stores can test your ignition module for free. It has been laser trimmed to provide precise values and help reduce deterioration and damage. Failure to use the paste, which is a thermal transfer that allows heat to be conducted away from the module to the larger surface area of the distributor to dissipate heat, will mean almost instant destruction of the ignition module. Feature-Packed: Packed with design and build features, HEI distributor offers a whole lot of bang for your buck. If an alternator is overloaded, it may overheat and fail (check for aftermarket sound equipment that may be overloading the stock alternator!). This is a five minute fix, and you're back up and running. Available in Racing Parts Department at www. now when you changed your ignition module, did you put that white stuff on the bottom of it before you mounted it inside the dist. It ran ok Sorry for the interruption. 75. Because of the dwell control and current limiting circuits of the HEI you can use just about any coil you want, including the TFI coil, and no ballast resistor is needed. Also, there is a small wiring harness that connects the module to the capacitor and to the cap - I found a piece in the Classic Industries catalog under part number 66946C that's listed as "HEI and Capacitor" for "All" HEI units for only $19. 668. 43. HEI MODULE ARE NOT SUSPECT TO FAILURE WITHOUT REASON. Internally the 4-pin HEI module is just an electronic switch the same as the mopar module, it by itself has no impact on GM HEI distributor problem!? I have an 82 chevy camaro i have replace cap, rotor, ignition, module, coil, wires, and plugs and im still not getting a spark the car just cranks and cranks. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 51ChevPU, Also the kind of coil your using can lead to module failure too. Discover symptoms associated with failing ignition control modules and how  Any reduction in fuel economy can indicate the electronic spark timing (EST) in the HEI control system has failed. The Hei-PLATE magnetic stirrers impress through a sealed and fireproof housing and an unique Kera-Disk ® hotplate coating, which stands for chemical resistance and fastest heat-up times. Available for immediate shipment. These Buy a 1987 Chevrolet Corvette Ignition Coil at discount prices. Lots of answers talking about misfiring, rough running etc. (cranking buddy not shown—see “Victoria’s Secret” catalog models for suggestions for a helper. the green and black ones, (make sure to tape the exposed wires) and now your HEI distributor will function just as a pre ESC model does. Like all automobile components, the ignition module will eventually deteriorate and break. Accel 35361 GM HEI Ignition Module, 1974-95 made by Accel, for as low as $49. Replace the coil. Scroll down to find the application for your Buick. The four-pin control module unit, which was used on non-computer controlled, conventional carbureted engines, used mechanical timing controls (vacuum and centrifugal advance). Page 1: HEI-EST basic Fundamentals I have a 1950 GMC truck that I restored with a 350 small block v8 with a stock set-up. Number 1 is the in- cap coil "layer shorting" When this issue arises, the epoxy coil  Re-install mounting screws on the HEI-III module and make sure they are tight. I have a Mallory unilite in my Mustang, works perfectly. Wiring: The HEI Coil is a greedy device. The distributor contains the electronic ignition module, and the magnetic pick-up assembly which contains a permanent magnet, a pole piece with internal teeth, and a pick-up coil (not to be confused with the ignition coil). If the magnetic trigger leads are not used, cut short and tape up each lead separately. STRIP ANNIHILATOR ignition system may result in damage to the ignition system. Just so you know you aren't posting into a vacuum - I'm very interested in the results of your test. Each HEI harness build with external coil leads has a 1k resistor built in to adapt to the factory tachometer. Failure to use resistance wire will eventually destroy the Ignition Module. What I was getting at was, you can make an emergency pigtail utilizing an HEI module to get you home if the MSD fails. is a very good dist. Failure to apply grease will cause excessive heat at module and premature module failure. It is also recommended with *ANY* electronic module not Just Mallory to have a spare module on hand in case of failure. 3 or so ignition on still no start, I wire in a spare HEI module, no flash on the timing light and no start. I attached the HEI module to a piece of aluminum for heat dissipation, it gets a little warm but not hot under test running. It eliminates the ballast resistor, which is a common failure point with Mopar points and electronic ignition systems. Part No. This is a PERMENANT fix to this failure-prone part. My 2004 Buick LeSabre will not stop burning out ignition module coils. A faulty module may cause the engine to suddenly stall and be unable to start again. i run a accell coil also. EXCEPTION: If your vehicle is equipped with a HYFIRE ® Electronic Ignition Control or similar aftermarket ignition con- trol, use the wiring procedures stated in the instructions included with your ignition control. An ignition coil is a type of pulse transformer that multiplies the low voltage received from the battery or alternator to many thousands of volts when the breaker points open and close. and all the Emissions and AC are long gone. Both are next to each other and are attached to a small metal bracket bolted to the top of the motor just to the passengers side of the air intake/ throttle body. My problem is the ignition module or control module in the distributor keeps getting fried after a couple of months of driving it. This article highlights two of the most common problems with the ignition system. I understand that 'off shore' HEI modules (even in a Delco or Standard Blue Streak box) are questionable. Does anyone know the symptoms of a bad HEI ignition module? My truck is skipping and popping when I step on the gas. Feeding more than one plug at any one time overworks the module and coil, and failure can result, along with misfire, early/late fire and other tuning/performance issues/problems. HEI ignition module reliability I'm thinking about hooking up a GM HEI ignition module to my '78 280Z (I don't have the stock one, and either way, the stock ones are easily $150+ off brand). You should check the powertrain control module if you've replaced your ignition coils and spark plugs. These modules are usually mounted to a chassis part or heat sink to allow them to run cool. This is a must have. DO NOT USE SOLID CORE (COPPER CORE OR STAINLESS STEEL CORE) SPARK PLUG WIRE WITH ANY ELECTRONIC IGNITION SYSTEM. For reference, the Unilite® or E-Spark® modules are no more or less sensitive that a GM HEI, Ford Duraspark, or other brand ignition modules. These distributors also used both vacuum and centrifugal advance. They're weird, and not that hot. By the later '70s, AMC switched to a Motorcraft Duraspark ignition that is much more reliable and easy to find. if you did not, then this is why you are going thru components. When I double checked the timing my light was missing a beat every 3 or 4 flashes. Fired right up on the 1st turn and has ever since. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. The problem is the heatsink for the HEI module, the distributor, is also being heat soaked from normal operation of the engine. • If the ignition control module is receiving a changing signal from the crankshaft position sensor, it must be capable of switching the power to the ignition coils on and off. I now have 30K on the motor and it runs great except for one problem: The module in the HEI distributor keeps failing. Not sure what the symptoms are, but I am guessing you are referring to the anti-theft module. When the rotor spins past contacts in each cylinder, the coil sends a high-voltage pulse across a gap between the rotor and contact. 99. Even if it seems good it could still be bad and causing the module failure. In the HEI system, as in other electronic ignition systems, the breaker points have been replaced with an electronic switch-a transistor-which is located within the control module. I would think that if you hooked up the appropriate wires from the wiring harness to the HEI module, it would still work with the ECM in the loop. This is a nice bracket that mounts the GM HEI module to the bottom of any Chrysler V8 electronic distributor. The module makes a lot of heat, and if it can't shed the heat, it will fry it's self. We have been receiving a large volume of requests from your network. This is the same with the GM HEI, the Ford Ignition Module, or any others. . averagef250 wrote:If Duraspark wasn't so darn failure prone with lots of wires and cheezedick connectors that break nobodied had the need to fab up a GM hei replacement. Mechanic's Assistant: Have you scanned the code? Have you tried to reset it? I have cut off and pulled the fuse to make sure the power was stopped. We did just change out the window switches (removed center console). Choose top quality brands AC Delco, API, Accel, Delphi, Forecast, MSD, Mallory, NGK, Prenco, Spectra Hei-Tec . There are three different large cap HEI distributors. move to the HEI module, Ground is good, B and C terminal show no V ignition off, 12+ with ignition on W and G terminal show no V ignition off, 1. Race. In dentistry, they call this sympathetic pain. The GM HEI Module gives the system its ability to self adjust the dwell based on Engine RPM. It might be your best bet. Carry in your glovebox with a screwdriver to remove the distributor cap, and drop in a new module. Ignition Control Module (ICM) Circuit Descriptions. Measuring a coil’s resistances can indicate whether it is defective or not. Where to Get Good GM HEI Modules. The main problem I have encountered with stock ign coils is that under high heat and severe use they can and will have the winding insulation melt. Originally, the HEI system was fitted with a four-pin module. Failure to do so could result in damage to the module. /-------------------\ HEI module  Jul 7, 2017 While all are probably durable, the issue is that if one were to fail, there's no We built a simple HEI module platform with aluminum plate and  Jun 27, 2010 Well IMO your better off sticking with the Mopar electronics but to answer the question the biggest problem with the HEI is the module itself. Theres not even a tiny spark does not even hurt to touch the end of the plug. Install them on the cart with all the proper wiring but leave them unhooked and in the future if you have a failure swap the wiring and have a quick easy troubleshoot and emergency backup. Should you have a module failure, your engine will stop running. High energy ignition, also known as H. This problem has stumped us for at least a year. I have a 86 k10 with HEI and it started one day and the choke would not kick off hit the gas pedal to try to make it cut off and it died. It is located in the ignition cylinder lock. Sometimes the engine can still be restarted after a short period of time, usually after the module has been allowed to cool off. General Motors HEI Ignition Control with MegaSquirt-II. Re: HEI ingnition module failing HELP!!!! When I stated "dielectric grease" my intent was to indicate the usage of the correct compound as indicated in the post from 1restorick. rent (Figure O2). im petty sure heat is the biggest issue to why a module goes out. This occurs after the ignition coil or module gets too hot, and usually will correct itself after the engine module cools. com HEI is low-RPM garbage, not suited to an engine that's going to want to be shifted north of 6,000RPM. Photo 9. I had another dizzy at home so swapped modules and the car started straight away and ran perfectly. Re: Pertronix Ignitor ---anyone had problems? I had constant trouble with the points in the old 312 in my 57 Ford. Ignition module If the distributor checks out the only thing left that could be the issue is the ignition module or the wires that connect it to the other parts of the system. ) DIAGNOSING HEI COMPONENTS Photo 8. This exercise has allowed you to witness the first and current process of testing control modules in electronic module systems including all computer systems. No module is fitted, as this conversion is dedicated to triggering an aftermarket performance ignition unit, such as an MSD **EFI-HEI is the same basic conversion as the Regular HEI conversion, but differs in that it uses an 8 pin General Motors Electronic Fuel Injection High Energy Ignition module. Step 1 Disconnect the trigger wire from the coil (-) terminal. I have begun to accept that every 3 months or so it will die on the road, which has happened about four/five times now I think. The diagram above is typical of the early HEI using 4 pin ignition module and vacuum advance, non EST 1974-1980. There were three basic types of HEI control modules. BASIC HEI OPERATION- Electronic Spark Control. Typically it 5 and 7 that cross fire. so whats going on here?. found the oem on the web, wired back to original and it didnt even make it out the driveway. MSD makes a few cool hi output replacement modules with more power output and rpm capability and better MSD HEI coils. Fits all of our HEI full size GM and Ford distributors, and OE GM HEI distributors as well. ? if i remember right, it's to help dissipate the heat. ***** I checked the Pertronix site and you only need the basic IGNITOR I unit. HEI internal coil failures are pretty common. The claim is that a 1978‐up HEI unit will work. BWD is a global manufacturer of original equipment ignition products, complete quality control is maintained through the manufacturing process from componentry to finished product blue module lasted exactly 2 weeks: Dman from Los Angeles, CA, USA: Hey, what did i expect for 15 bucks? i got this module and plug for the plug but for the module to fail in 2 weeks i am disappointed in you guys ,i did like the speedway cap and rotor very nice for the price. MSD knows about the problem, they're adding a coating MSD Pro billet distributor, problems No fire all the sudden and no doubt I found the problem, well one more. Been running an 8 pin module for 5-6 years without a single failure of any kind. Count the number of terminals on both ends of the module and follow the corresponding diagram. Description. Another common symptom of a faulty ESC module is a no start, or no spark condition. This page describes the installation of a GM HEI (High Energy Ignition) electronic distributor in my '74 Nova with a 350 small block. If you don't already know, there are numerous advantages to swapping out your old stock points style distributor for an electronic ignition system. The module resembles a small electrical box with a wire harness. Is the thermal conductor paste that u put under the EZL (ignition module) to mate it to the frame of the mercedes, is this the same as the household desktop computer CPU cooler paste that we use to stick the CPU fan/heatsink to the cpu to cool it down during operations? The car wasn't running when I bought it and after towing it home I worked out it had no spark and had blown the module in the factory HEI dizzy. coil and Dyna-Mod module, so voltage doesn’t drop off until around 7,500 rpm for their street/strip coil, and 9,000 Page 1 of 3 : How to Test the GM Ignition Control Module (1995-2005). I’ve never seen a module do this and believe it is extremely unlikely. One time I washed the engine at a high pressure coin operated car wash and then drove 50 miles at which point the engine stalled. NOTE: When replacing an HEI type distributor, it may be necessary to purchase and install distributor boots and terminals for the spark plug wires to correctly fit the UNILITE ® Distributor cap. On a related issue, I read somewhere that the coil used with the GM HEI ignition was very low resistance and the HEI module incorporated some sort of current limiting. I. To test the module it must be disconnected from the car and taken to a professional. it lasted about a mile down the road and died. I'm using a stock cap/coil, and have used assorted HEI modules. I'm pretty much having to rewire the whole darn truck, so I'm cleaning up and getting rid of anything that isn't of use anymore. So what can i be missing i need this When a Mallory Unilite distributor fails to produce a spark to the plugs, the vehicle will not run. when you connect to outermost pos and neg terminals on the cap. any help would be The only time a properly working HEI module will show a fixed dwell of around 30 degrees is if an aftermarket CD ignition box, like an MSD or similar unit, is attached. Mine has been changed over to standard. Increase performance and simplify the ignition system in your boat by installing our Marine DUI Distributor! The Marine DUI (Davis Unified Ignition) is a one-piece distributor that is virtually waterproof and will withstand the severe vibrations of a marine engine. carid. Or you can go to the junkyard and get one for less than $10, then take it to one of the larger auto parts stores and have them check it for you. I decided to add a MSD 6AL kit #8500. The GM HEI module's Achilles heel is heat unless the module can be adequately cooled, it will fail. i call my suplier for a new module they tell me that 83645 is replace by 83647 and its 115$ after reading a few forum i see that im not the only one whit a 83645 failure some say they have a 30% failure and that why msd replace the module what should i do to get good spark from my distributor I replaced the module in the distributor. To fix your problem I would first change the ignition coil and ignition control module. Just ask a 225 V‐6 CJ owner! A homespun alternative that gained some popularity in the ‘90s was an HEI distributor from a Chevrolet inline 250 or 292 six. To identify which of the following diagrams fityour specificapplication, remove the distributor cap and rotor and locate the ignition module at the base of the distributor. should get reading of 6000-30000 ohms for primary. Replace module and problem solved. The Mallory Unilite distributor uses an infrared light lens and a sensor between which a wheel with tangs, called shutters, passes. An ACDelco GM OE Ignition Control Module features electronically welded lead connections to help reduce heat stress, failure, or cold joints. Module. If Trouble code 42 ignition module failure My 93 astro van with a 4. Shop for MSD Street Fire HEI module for GM HEI distributors PN 8362 with confidence at AutoZone. The current draw of the CD unit will drive the module to a dwell period that is similar to that at high engine speeds in a stock application. I'm running a Duraspark distributor with TFI parts and a HEI module on my CJ-6, which originally had the Prestolite ignition. Ignition Modules. Testing the HEI coil used to be OK with only an ohm meter, but not today. The real problem is the coil degrading gradually, failure process called "layer shorting", which rarely causes the module to go way gradually. 05 $9. I just wrote an in-depth how-to based off of information I got off of ProbeTalk. I always replace a PIP sensor along with a defective ignition module, if it has "soft" insulation. In the future you could get a gm dual coil and an hei module. 51. The Dwell control circuit ensures, long consistent coil charging. Prior to installation, coat bottom of new module with dielectric grease (furnished with new module) to aid in heat transfer into distributor housing. Get yours online today and pick up in store. I liken this to replacing a high energy ignition (HEI) module in an older Delco-Remy distributor. Points are simply no good. 3-or 4 in eachI buy the expensive ones and they dont last eitherfortunately there easy to change and i carry spares and tools. The symptom of an open one should be increased radio noise, especially on AM stations, not ignition failure. 3. Replacement HEI Ignition Module, 4 Pin made by Speedway Motors, for as low as $9. HEI style preferred but not abso-lutely required. How does one test an HEI coil? Ohms? Can an ignition module begin to fail slowly producing these kind of symptoms prior to complete failure? I know they can have intermittent failure due to heat and produce a no start condition. EXCEPTION: If your vehicle is equipped with a HYFIRE® Electronic Ignition Control or similar aftermarket ignition This high performance HEI module provides your plugs with more spark over the stock module. 0L, 5. product, was unreliable and failure‐prone by the late ‘sixties. It expects to be fed current through a 30 amp cable. Basic Operating Theory. tach feeds off coil negative (uses square-wave), my electronic tach takes this signal and displays revs perfectly. Maybe that's the issue, or the pickup is going faulty. Is it prudent to replace the ignition pickup coil while you're inside this distributor? I drove cars with HEI for many years - approx 300,000 miles. For this project, we’ll mount it to inside the aluminum cover of the Bosch unit. Chevy trucks, GMC trucks, or any General Motors vehicle with this type of eight-cylinder engine will be the same. The GM HEI system was used in GM vehicles for approximately 20 years. When my AMC/Motorcrap controller went out again, stranding me 90 miles from home and costing I haven't seen an HEI module failure, but a few of the potted boards have failed and melted the potting. On newer vehicles, the powertrain control module (PCM) regulates charging output. The ECM uses other electronic devices to help control the spark timing under various conditions (such as under load, deceleration, etc). AutoZone Repair Guide for your Tune-up And Performance Maintenance High Energy Ignition (hei) System Troubleshooting The Hei System module. I was always a good idea to take a new replacement module along on the trail because these things always fail at the wrong time. With the exception of firewall clearance problems in various vehicles, this should apply to swapping most any GM points type distributor to HEI. HEI. It has a high-output module, high-spark 65,000 volt coil, solid brass terminals, and an easy one-wire hookup. It is wired in parallel with the pink wire going to the HEI module and goes to ground. """"There is no need for a relay and it could be a failure point. Needless to say, the new module has all the advantages of an MSD ignition coupled with the size and look of a stock ignition module. The most common symptom of a faulty ignition coil is when the car runs for a while and the engine dies abruptly. The tools you need to diagnose an HEI that has a 4-terminal module. Failure to use GM HEI Ignition Module Engine Works Megafire High Performance Ignition Module GM | eBay I'd be looking at the pickup/hall effect sensor in the dizzy maybe? As the vac advance moves, the wires to the pickup move with it, and fatigue/break over time. 99 percent of the time, in the large, coil in cap HEI's, it ISN'T the module "just going bad", or even "getting weak". NAPA has the stuff I use, and it comes in a box with 10 packagesand it ain't cheap. When an ignition module fails, the engine will not start or run. Anyone else have problems? The guy at the warehouse where I bought the new module for $86 said that was longer than they usually last. Dan If we look at the failures ofr HEI modules "for no apparent reason" in the coil in cal large HEI's, we find that soon after the coil begins to go bad from heat failure layer shorting issues, the HEI module gets over worked to ailure. It is always a good idea to take a new replacement module along on the trail because these things always fail at the wrong time. NOTE: THE PERTRONIX IGNITOR IS EFFECTIVELY A "GO" OR "NO" SYSTEM. The current control circuit protects against coil over heating. SBC Chevy Performance HEI Distributor Red Cap Super Coil 305 350 400 Small Block. The module is the electronic controller that takes the place of breaker points. The control module type is important as well. P/N: 505-30081-00 This variant includes the Pt 1000 temperature sensor – for precise temperature control, overshoot protection and reproducible results Tests for TB ignition: W/ignition key on AND BILGE WELL VENTILATED OF GAS FUMES!!! Connect your voltmeter neg. Electronic Spark Control (ESC) OPERATION. Jan 21, 2019 A similar problem occurs with the little nylon block that's attached to the points Note that a triggering module such as the Pertronix Ignitor is a . The Pertronix Ignitor is at least as reliable as the GM HEI module (the most likely part to fail). Later, improvements utilized IGBT (Insulated gate bi-polar transistor) current switching circuitry, reducing the current the module must handle. The modern GM HEI module is a lot better. My question is, when the ignition module fails, does the vehicle not start or does it just run poorly? Typically, when an ignition control module of this type fails it would be one of the three drivers (transistors) within it that controls a specific ignition coil giving up. lead to the white/red wire terminal at the dist. The GM HEI module is less than $25 at any of the major auto parts stores. It has a weak link, the module. Mechanic's Assistant: What is the model/year of your RV? It is a heartland m-2011. Pre 70-something AMC cars have mechanical points distributors, and later ones use the Presolite electronic distributor. Checking the links does not convince me into changing. If the white points trigger wire is not used, tape it up. This module has a lifetime failure is usually instant with no warning and no recovery except with replacement of the controller module. Previous to the HEI I had a full MSD (dizzy and box) and failure was always on my mind. Everywhere i've read, people say you cant go wrong with an HEI. Ignition Systems Cheat Sheet for the Chevy Small Block For our budget-oriented purposes we find that conceptually at least, GM’s HEI distributor is a near ideal choice in terms of practicality. I know its getting fuel. (I always keep a spare just in case). It is usually located on or in the distributor housing in domestic vehicles, and on the firewall or wheel-well in foreign vehicles. Some later HEI distributors used five terminal modules, the fifth terminal was used to retard timing based on sensors and circuitry external to the distributor. Those systems were called HEI-Electronic Module Retard, HEI-Electronic Spark Control, or HEI-Electronic Spark Selection. E. The HEI distributor will trigger a Duraspark module, and a Duraspark distributor will trigger a HEI module. The HEI was rebuilt by "suntuned" many moons ago, it works great. I haven't put in the research to duplicate the board, which has custom ICs and would require an emulating design, not a simple copy, and no source of the round connectors. 90 $7. Thermal transfer paste must be used. Checking The PassLock Anti-Theft System for Problems. 1986 Oldsmobile Toronado at the 1986 Los Angeles Auto Show. Chevrolet Malibu Ignition Module or Coil May Fail Causing Engine Misfire - 155 reports. Occasionally, the module can fail in the dwell control portion of the circuitry. About Us. (least that's how I think it goes, my GM module's on my hunting jeep at my parents' so I can't get a part # till the end of the month when I go down there MSD developed a module to replace the stock HEI module in a stock HEI Distributor. Built-in high performance 4 pin ignition module and low resistance 65,000 volt coil. No Start Test 1: Checking for Spark. Find HEI Distributor Upgrade Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Mopar HEI Conversion Bracket. HEI Distributor Conversion. The electronic module has several integrated circuits that contain resistors, transistors, diodes and capacitors. Adjustable vacuum advance canisterallows the option of further fine tuning the timing curve ifdesired. View attachment 1715278628 a hei distributor does not need a ballast resistor! it needs a full 12v going to it at all times. new spark plugs in it too. Displaying 1 to 18 (of Ignition Coil with Module for all Marine MPI Multi Port Fuel Injection Motors that have the ECM555 ECU. When it happens, the ignition m … read more sql_query($sql)) { message_die(CRITICAL_ERROR, "Could not query config information in kb_config", "", __LINE__, __FILE__, $sql); } else { while( $row = $db->sql The module has the job of turning the primary (low) voltage on and off for the coil. The correction for this issue becomes the replacement of the failed component. The major limiting factor of an HEI dist is the stock module, the ign coil and pick up are good for alot more rpm then what the stock module can handle. Or if they did it would sell like they do. GM Classifieds. I took them out 2 years ago and threw them as far as I could, then put in a Pertronix ignition. P. Ignition Module Mercruiser Crusader Delco EST HEI Ignition Module that was used on 4, 6, and 8 cylinder applications with a Delco EST distributor. Choose top quality brands AC Delco, API, Accel, Delphi, Dorman, Forecast, MSD, Mallory, NGK, Spectra Mallory Unilite distributer. I'm out of ideas and would rather not wait for a precipitous failure to fix this. GM Distributor Module and Idle Air Control Repair Connector Pigtail $14. Ignition Module Failure. GM HEI Ignition Coil Connector Set Black and Gray $10. This comes with everything you need to hook it up. Contrary to what some will also say, low voltage, as in still using the resistor or a resistor wire, will not kill an HEI module,. This is a project car, so I'm not expecting great results but it'd be pretty cool to have an easy-to-hook-up component that is tiny and only ~$20. The key functions for the HEI module are to set the current limits for the ignition and establish the dwell circuitry. PD (Performance Distributors) reworked the HEI with their 50,000-volt D. The black wire connects to negative ( – or 1 on Bosch coil). This happens when the ignition coil or module becomes too hot. tried the GM HEI that i found on this website and also used the wiring diagram to a T. Seven and eight-pin modules were more a computer-controlled element that came around in the 1980s. Bolt this on and dump the ballast resistor forever! It is also very nice for use in older Mopar vehicles where you don't want to mount a large ignition box to your firewall. 3lt engine starts to miss and the check engine - Chevrolet 1993 Astro question Yes it has a HEI After days of research on this exact topic I think I have an answer to fix our problem. HEI GM Digital Module - Part Number 83647 by MSD. Still no spark. i have never had a problem with my hei besides the little spring contact under the coil going out. Feb 25, 2003 C4 Tech/Performance - HEI Ignition modules only last 1000 miles - I've had a problem in my 1986 with ignition modules constantly burning out. Yellow Sparking. com. From the MS perspective, these modules work just like a 7-pin HEI. Below, in the center of my photos is a remotely mounted GM HEI ignition module,  FITS ALL 4 PIN OE (GM) AND AFTERMARKET FULL SIZE HEI DISTRIBUTORS. A few months later I had another coil go bad so I decided to just upgrade to the MSD LS2/LS7 blaster coil set. You will want to determine whether the ignition module is producing electricity and that the electricity is getting to the spark plugs to get Should you have a module failure, your engine will stop running. The order it is installed is, cap, brush with spring, insulator donut, coil. Help!! Were getting no spark at the plugs in our 1978 Corvette with HEI Ignition. This Module, although quaint by today's standards, was the grandfather of our modern electronic control modules which are considered on-board computer systems. Any guidance would be most appreciated. I have Crusaders on my boat, but I don't have the Delco HEI distributors on my 454's, this boat is one year newer than my boat. The control module is the heart of the HEI system. Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. I had an HEI in my previous boat and ean with no issues and I had peace of mind that it was an easy fix if something went wrong. This how-to explains how to use a General Motors HEI module to override your stock POS distributor ignition module. It includes a external Blaster 2 coil and a special dust cap to go with it. The Ford system is fairly reliable but failure is usually instant with no warning and no recovery except with replacement of the controller module. There were a number of different kinds of General Motors HEI modules: 4 pin module - electronic ignition, but doesn't do computer timing control, top left; 7 pin module (large) - electronic module that does timing control, used with coil-in-cap distributors, top right In a GM car or truck with a V8 engine, the ignition control module (also known as the ICM) is hiding under the distributor cap. General Motors introduced its high energy ignition (HEI) system in 1974 and Pontiac used it on a number of its V-8s beginning in the middle of the model year. So now I need to inspect the coil, and the wires which feed it and the module. A buddy suggested swapping the module with one I have from a junkyard HEI. It is common for this to go bad in the Grand Am and other Electronic ignition pickups are a component found on traditional electronic distributor ignition systems. The solid state electronics provide high coil out put and superior reliability. What about the coil, is it still original? TROUBLESHOOTING Ignition Coil Troubleshooting: (No) Fire in the Hole. Works fine. Seriously though I'm beginning to think these boxes are way too fragile for the application. The HEI condenser/capacitor is employed to suppress "radio noise". You'd have to feed them the 24x input, as Caddyman suggests, then they in turn feed a square wave 4x signal to the Megasquirt (like your HEI) - then the megasquirt feeds them back the appropriate (We have tried 3 different modules with the exact same results). This unit features a digital display and allows for easy setting and monitoring of values in the illuminated readout Symptoms of a Faulty Ignition Coil One of the most common symptoms of a faulty ignition coil is when the vehicle runs for a while and then the car's engine suddenly dies for no apparent reason. wire in a temporary coil, no flash on the timing light and no start, You can swap in the whole HEI dist assembaly that would include the module, OR you can do the TFI mod and only swap in the GM ign module (like the module that is used with the HEI system). This item replaces OEM: 811637T. There may be a way to use another module from say GM or something a little more GM coil-in-cap HEI: Install black ground wire as shown in Figure 5 or 7. The point cover needs to be removed and some engines won't run without it, but if the condenser is going bad, you are likely to see a large yellow spark jump between the two contact points. Repeated ignition coil failure, 3 mechanics, no solution. Thread but that HEI module is the kind of $$ thing I hope to avoid even though it is cheaper than another Hei-Tec with Pt 1000 temperature sensor . The cause of an ignition control module failure is often associated with age and damage from heat buildup. 3L, 5. HIGH PERFORMANCE LOW SATURATION GM HEI 4 PIN MODULE. pin GM HEI module and a 280 dist, so here it is. However in terms of high-RPM function, it falls well short of ideal. Most modules come with a 'Clear' grease to put under them, and that is 'Dielectric' grease. Buy a 1985 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Ignition Coil at discount prices. • Tape up any unused wires after completing the installation. mile down the road died again. Many of us have heard the down . Ford Classifieds Well, if you don't mind a little cross breeding you can use a GM HEI ignition module. Module HEI/High Energy Ignition The HEI system uses an electronic module and a magnetic pulse generator to control primary circuit cur. Rob. This switching transistor performs the same function the points did in an conventional ignition system. hey i have that same one. I am getting the failure code HEI on a dometic refrigerator. As the coil degrades, it literally murders the module in record time. The Ignition Module Screws are different and are phillips head. When it comes to your Chevrolet Camaro, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Find Ignition Modules with HEI Distributor Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Heat Digital HEI Module, With Rev limiter, Each The most usual cause of module failure in HEI distributors is the heat sink. Electrically they are esentially identical - the differences are mechanical and packaging. S. And no chance of a repro HEI module. To continue with your YouTube experience, please fill out the form below. (HEI module failure) HEI High Energy Ignition distributor module TPS Throttle Position Sensor Because the HEI coil has only . Do you have a next generation Rochester B Carburetor on your vehicle? You know, the one that has a bridge across the throat with a bolt that protrudes upward to accommodate a newer style Air Cleaner? Does it bother you that you can't use a period correct Air Filter Option? Check out our Carb Adapter! SIMPLE electronic ignition system for old onan engine. Order ships free when this item is included and exceeds $99. Then all you need to do is solder the 2 cut leads from the dist/ignition module together, i. This is due to the fact that the ignition module is responsible for activating the ignition coil, which itself is responsible for firing the spark plugs. 4 Ω primary resistance, to prevent overheating the coil the HEI module must vary the dwell with RPM, short dwell time at low RPM and long dwell at high RPM. Intermittent ignition coil failures are tough to diagnose because the windings are heat sensitive. Hi guys, Two years ago I had 2 stock ignition coils go bad on my 2009 GT and replaced them under warranty. U. Also, check voltage at the coil connector while running. This will be covering the 4-pin HEI module. Should you have a module failure, your engine will stop  Aug 7, 2011 Yesterday I attempted to place a 4-pin HEI module on my truck, because the ballast resistor I had been using on my Duraspark II setup burned  Jun 11, 2018 Non-Mopar Tech Questions - my first gm hei conversion has failed - Well The failed module was a NAPA TP45 and was replaced with a BWD  Oct 8, 2015 The single most cause of HEI module failure is coil related. It has a newly rebuilt 350 engine in it. The GM HEI has an Electronic Ignition Module. MODULE FEMALE CONNECTOR WHITE BLACK BROWN GREEN ORANGE RED RED To prevent false triggering and possible premature ignition failure,you must use suppression type (carbon core,spiral core,or radio suppression core) spark plug wire. it now just cranks and acts like it wants to start but doesn't any help would be greatly appreciated The "Dave's" small body HEI has a stock appearance, and uses a GM magnetic pickup and module that you can buy at most any auto supply if you have a failure on the road. Failure to use an ignition ballast resistor will eventually destroy the Ignition Module. What else inside of the distributor could have gone bad? The car ran fine with the mallory, but the ignition module kept going out. Any conversation about electronic ignition leads to the GM HEI, which is an are skipped and the person working on the car assumes the module has failed,  Review common ignition module failure issues on popular year, make and models. I did this and it has been running fine for well over a year now. The powerful and extended heating capacity of 800 W reduces process times noticeable. An open in the capacitor would not affect the circuit between the ignition coil and the module. When they first came out in 1975 on GM cars the internal module and coil were not that great. WARNING! If you are unsure of the history of your distributor, Holley recommends that the distributor be rebuilt by a qualified technician or replaced before installing the STRIP ANNIHILATOR ignition system. If you want it to perform well enough for your engine, you'll need to throw an MSD module in it, which will get it to spark well up that high. Pigtail for The Mallory E-Spark® module is an inexpensive replacement for the Unilite (though they are virtually identical), but the E-Spark is even a better module. We ran MSD, Petronics and Accel and for the money saw no benefit and with the multi spark Petronics it took forever to get the engine to start. It's a 1979 Malibu with HEI 4-pin module. An alternator failure will cause the battery to run down and go dead. 8. Help please, I own a 1979 GMC 4x4 Sierra Granda 1/2 Ton. We have changed the coil, had the module tested at Autozone (passed), tested the cap, rotor and pickup per manual; all with no luck. The ignition module is responsible for creating the spark that starts your engine, so when your does not start, testing this part is a good place to begin. I don't know what the failure rate is for new duraspark parts today, it probably is a lot better than they were when they were new. Number 1 is the in-cap coil "layer shorting" When this issue arrises, the epoxy coil has overheated (common for those coils due to the epoxy being almost the worst heat transfer material known to man), and has the primary windings insulation compromised and/or just plain burned away You can't elminate the ballast resistor by just changing to the HEI module, you have to use a coil designed to operate without a ballast, but you can use a coil designed to operate without a ballast with a mopar module too. What about the coil, is it still original? The ignition module in my dad's car periodically dies, requiring replacement. We have played with several GM HEI modules and the best to date was a generic Hong Kong Phoey that came in one of the billet distributors. 7L). Spark testers: HEI on left, points-style or Chrys-ler electronic on right. The stock 305 has been replaced with a 355. Symptoms of a BAD Ignition Control Module. regulators for best performance and to prevent ignition module failure. High Output For Stock And MSD Applications. This is after all how a high-voltage spark gets its start. Talking about the (ESC) Module and Distributor. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Symptoms of a bad ignition module are sudden engine stalling or power loss while the car is in motion, engine stuttering accompanied by a smell of gasoline and an inability to restart the engine following a stall. High-performance modules like the ACCEL, MSD, Performance Distributors, and The high energy ignition (HEI) ignition system has been a vast improvement over the old standard cap, rotor and point ignition system used in the past. The Hot-Spark module’s red wire connects to positive ( + or 15 on Bosch coil). Sep 1, 2001 Read the tech article on HEI Coils And Modules, brought to you by the This is a common problem with HEIs (even in stock configuration) that  The problem is getting reluctor coil signal to this module. • Remove a coil or coil package, and with the ignition switched to on (run), check for voltage at the positive terminal of the coil(s). HEI do have a capacitor/condenser within harness and it's adjacent to plug that attaches to ignition control module (beneath rotor). The HEI system was similar to the Unitized system in that it used an electronic control module and pickup coil assembly to saturate the internal coil and trigger plug fi ring. If the the module is not grounded well it will fail. Even with the bad module I think the MSD ready to run dist. The most detailed posts I have read about GM style HEI units in a 2F engine seem to note the need to actually bottom out the dizzy for two reasons: So that the end of the shaft is all the way into the oil pump flange / drive and, So that the dizzy drive gear will not get sucked down by the cam gear, thus pulling the reluctor down. However, you can anticipate and prepare for the failure. The solution for the crossfire is to not run your plug wires parallel. If it's significantly below 12V you could have resistance somewhere in the power feed to the distributor, despite the fact you removed the ballast resistor. . What I didn't expect to find was this after a random no-start on my old pickup this morning. Ignition module failure is no joke because it often leaves you stranded. Important Notes: If you are adding the HEI + Coil as a result to guess at fixing a prior OEM ignition failure, This modification is not a “cure all” and the problem you may be having might not be distributor related. Any malfunctions in this setup could be a result of ignition coil failure. Any exhaust leaks, missing heat shields or engine cooling problems can make the distributor even hotter, frying the ignition module. e. 4. P/N: 036110550 A digital display enables full process monitoring and precise setting of all parameters . """" True - but - That's only if someone is willing to drag a new heavier 10ga wire from the HEI(+) terminal to the ignition switch, and from the ignition switch to the (+) battery supply. lead to the engine ground and pos. By Tom Benford. The ground for an HEI is critical, and GM ignored it entirely. Troubleshooting Tips for your Pertronix Ignitor ® and Coil Installation. Basically, things work great until one day the car wont start. Re: NorthStar V8 Coil Pack Ignition and Module. I'm researching this. The rest is wiring per HEI instructions (power to on HEI and coil (+), Coil negative to HEI [C]. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you hoping to fix this Prepping the new HEI module: This unit has locating Tabs that must be removed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 95, and the picture makes it look like it includes the wiring out to the cap as well as the grommet. I also outline how to install an external coil in your car w/out needing a KLZE distributor. No Spark coming from any of the spark plug wires. Some put the carbon brush in after the insulator, placing the brush off and upwards of the rotor bar, making for serious increased resistance, heat, and coil/module failure. THIS MEANS THAT IF THE IGNITOR HAS A FAULT, IT WILL NOT OPERATE AT ALL. wouldn't start back up. Since the only change Page 1 of 6: How to Test the GM Distributor Mounted Ignition Module. (meaning it doesn't conduct electricity if you get some on the terminals) The single most cause of HEI module failure is coil related. i checked everything again and it just led me to the ignition control module, so i replaced it again. If your capacitor is. How to Test the Ignition Module Step-by-step. These circuits and components are small enough to allow the module to be The signs of a failing ignition coil include backfiring, starting issues, lowering gas efficiency, engine misfiring, vehicle stalling and worn out spark plugs. Buy ACCEL ACC 35362 Hei Control Module: Control Units - Amazon. MSD knows about the problem, they're adding a coating It features fully adjustable mechanical and vacuum advances, meaning precision is a breeze. A few months later, the same thing happened to it and I had to replace the module again. Add to Compare. The Vacuum Advance Module: The Vacuum Module will have markings on the Shaft which are the Spring Tension and Travel of the Vacuum Advance Module. The complaint is the engine cranks normally, but does not start. Lots of spark power, reliability and rpm capability. GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION (HEI module failure) HEI High Energy Ignition distributor module TPS Throttle Position Sensor There's a 5-pin HEI module specifically designed to listen to a knock sensor, which would simply have to be mounted and its wire connected to the relevant HEI module pin. This system works in conjunction with the  Apr 7, 2017 In a GM HEI system, the module replaced the contacts of the breaker does not run properly, don't think the problem cannot be ignition related. OLD DISTRIBUTOR REMOVAL. Add a relay: If the ignition module (any ignition module) is starved for power, it'll work unreliably and it'll die prematurely. , is an electronic ignition system designed by the There are four basic types of HEI control modules: four-, five-, seven-, and will allow its cranking speed to be measured and the problem isolated. If you suspect the condenser is going bad, you can sometimes tell by watching the engine run while it is in idle. They are located inside the distributor and function as the trigger for the ignition system to produce spark. Ignition Coil Diagnostics. Make yourself a coil mount and module heatsink. HEI Lot Module Code Module Title Credit Value University of Sheffield LotA HCS275 Speech, Language and Communication Development 15 University of Sheffield LotA HCS276 Cognitive Development and Children’s Learning 15 Pertronix Performance Products - Manufacturing quality ignition and exhaust products for over 40 years. hei module failure