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4. In March The Epson V600 is a reasonably priced scanner aimed at analog film shooters. Contax also makes a Zeiss Distagon 25mm but that's soft wide open too and the The 1. Otherwise the sharpness is superb, as is the colour and saturation. Dec 23, 2012. Almost all the PDF guides on the Zeiss site are MM, not the AE’s. Its final incarnation was a line of 35 mm, medium format and digital cameras engineered and manufactured by Kyocera, and featuring modern Zeiss optics. The name of the article is "15 Film Cameras You Can Still Buy Brand New". Chicago Harbor Light – Fuji X-E1 with Carl Zeiss 90mm f/2. 8 Makro-Planar Zeiss T* AE Macro Lens Mint- to your wish list. 4, the lens is not tack-sharp, producing images on the Welcome to our Zeiss/Contax section. Contax went out of business in 2005, ending the need for these lenses. The MM/AE series work great on Canon EOS or any mirror less system, including Leics L mount. 7 50mm AE version, 1. 8 and Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 100mm f/4. Contax mount Zeiss lenses: prewar Contax rf, postwar Contax rf, '70s to 90s "contax" Japanese (bodies made by Yashica). 7 cousin, Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/1. The "New FD" mount was introduced in 1976 with the Canon AE-1. Featuring a wide catalog of d planar available for sale right now. Starting price; 1000 USD Or best offer. 00 As you can see, the barrel of the lens is pretty tall, with or without the petal type plastic hood. Come and read, maybe you will learn something new, maybe you will have something to share. Los MM se podían manejar las focales desde las cámaras Contax RTS y los AE no. 30 mm Max Focal Length 60 mm Carl Zeiss Features Motorized Lens Protection System (MLPS Contax 35mm Subminiature Cameras Collection. It was the first camera in Canon’s new EOS series designed from scratch to support an entirely new line of consumer autofocus lenses. With the Contax 159 MM of 1984, Carl Zeiss introduced the MM ("multi mode") variety of its C/Y lenses, which had an additional pin that allowed the camera to change the aperture and made it possible to operate in shutter priority and While some people do not care for "Zeiss bokeh", like it or not, the 100mm Planar produces an abundance of it. I have remounted 2 of the Contax lenses - the 28/f2. 6 Jun 2016 Entre 1925 y 1932 se inició una dura batalla entre Ernst Leitz y Zeiss Ikon por la supremacía en 24x36 mm con sus Leica y Contax. I have available a 50mm f/1. Aug 12, 2011 · Old glass: Asahi/Pentax SMC & Super-Takumar 50/1. 8/28, 2. 8 lens at later stage, together with the Contax Auto Bellow PC set form the basis of the Contax Macro photographic system. Some claim the German made AE versions are sharper. Dan K is back with another massively comprehensive guide to the unsung heroes of the film camera world. 8 T* AEJ Lens For Contax C/Y Apr 04, 2017 · The Zeiss Planar 50mm F/1. The G2 revision offers a bigger body, redesigned button layout, a better viewfinder (the G1’s is about as bad as they get) and improved autofocus. 7 is a compact 35mm film camera. The HFT Planar 1. 5/28-56 Lens). Mar 29, 2006 · I was looking on keh. After the postwar Contax rf the name was just that. 8 was recommended to me by a good friend who used to be a professional photographer. The camera comes with a fresh battery. 8/85 I did ask only about the above-mentioned lenses, cause these were in my price range :-) Prompt answer from Zeiss: No optical differences. The Yashica name was only used for a small series of dental cameras and point and shoots. Dan K’s Top 10 Manual Film SLRs. This is not a lens review, just a refresher of a lens I reviewed a few years back. I will say, they do have a magical quality, and yes, that quality blows away your Tokina/Sigma/etc. 4 and the Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f/1. 4 Contax to mount on my DSLR and I see there are 2 versions. MFTの25 mmも種類が豊富になってきました。 付けっぱなしにする… Oct 29, 2017 · I love Zeiss glass. With 11 groups and 13 elements combined for unsurpassed clarity and precision, the Zeiss Distagon T ZF. 8. The entire Contax/Pentacon series sold well. The early optics were using a AE mount but it was replaced with a newer MM mount that can take advantage of the multi-AE features found in the newer breed of Contax SLR cameras. AE The Zeiss lenses made for the G1 (and its 1996 G2 revision) are all as good, if not better than their Leica equivalents with the 45mm f/2 and 90mm f/2. Mar 28, 2017 · One thing I can tell you that works well for me is to use old or older lenses on my digital cameras in this effort. While some will argue about Zeiss lenses Vs Leica lenses, for all practical purposes they can be considered the same, i. The Canon EOS 650 is a 35 mm single-lens reflex camera. The Contax version of Distagon T* 25mm f/2. Ask Douglas Herr and you'll hear something different. Contax T-VS digital, the digital version of T-VS III with a Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T 2,8–4,8/7,3–21,9 mm and 5 megapixel CCD sensor; Contax i4R, the smallest compact Contax, and the last camera from the Contax marque. Since the Otis 55 is a stop faster than the Zeiss FE 55mm f/1. I love using inexpensive, old, manual-focus glass on my new DSLR body. looking at some reviews and samples they give a great amount of detail and the colour is wondeful and i would even say 3D looking if that makes sense. I had AE and MM Planars 85/1. The Zeiss Planar has been with me for a few days via LenRentals. 7/50, 1. Since rich guys are throwing their money at digital, anyone can buy these exquisite cameras very inexpensively today, and shoot them Here we have a fully functional Canon AE-1 Program camera with Canon FD 35mm F/3. I don’t go for the most expensive, or the highest quality, or the rarest prototypes or anything like that – these are cameras that I simply want to own because they are great to use, have a special feature, are beautiful to look at, or historically De nuevo desde "DSLR Magazine" realizan pruebas de laboratorio donde nos muestran de lo que es capaz esta lente creada específicamente para la montura E de Sony. Once a rich man's camera, what used to cost thousands of 1990s dollars is cheap today. While they originally also made these for the Pentax K mounts, they no longer manufacture them, however, you might still find the Pentax version for sale in second-hand shops. 8 lenses; Leica MiniLuxes and CMs have a f/2. コンタレックスの眼玉 Zeiss Ikon社のルードビッヒ・ベルテレ(Ludwig Jakob Bertele)[1900-1985]が戦前に発明したSonnar (ゾナー)は、コーティング技術が実用化されていかった時代に、空気境界面を徹底的に減らすことで内面反射光を抑さえ、高コントラストな画像を得ることを可能にした画期的なレンズで Cameras I want. 8 ( Contax fit Oct 08, 2018 · I’d like to share out 30 crazy-cool pictures taken with film camera for your inspiration. Oct 7, 2019- Explore jason5lee's board "CONTAX", followed by 171 people on Pinterest. As soon as the agreement expired in 2006, Zeiss looked for something to do with the Japanese manufacturing capacity. 4, 85mm 1. i am aware that to use them some reversible surgery is required to the original mount, so using them is somewhat more complicated then just putting a adapter between body and lens, but maybe they can be listed as In the 1990s the Contax G System was a high end rangefinder camera system with quality Zeiss optics that even today hold its own to the mighty Leica M lens series. Contax SL300R T and later on U4R, compact cameras with a Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar zoom and a rotating screen. Pick the area of the scene you want to meter from, half press the shutter to lock in the shutter speed, reframe and shoot. I find it gives me a head start. The E-mount supplements Sony's A-mount, allowing the company to develop more compact imaging devices while maintaining compatibility with 35mm sensors. Mechanically excellent, everything here functions as it should. 5-6. References to AF systems, large format cameras and rare prototypes have been excluded. 4, canon 50mm/1. CONTAX Carl Zeiss Distagon 28mm F2. 5/28-56 Lens) The Contax TVS (VS= Vario-Sonnar) is a compact and sturdy camera, and it comes with a mechanical zoom that is like no other point and shoot camera. I use a 135mm f2. What is more is that you get to experience a super Contax T vs III - Point & Shoot / Zoom camera - 35mm overview and full product specs on CNET. I hope some of them would make you to grab your old dusty analog camera out of the closet and go for a shooting! Contax Zeiss should be on your radar for a couple of reasons. First introduced in July 2000, Contax N Digital is a 6. 4 and the likelihood that you'll acquire one as long as you stay in the Contax/CZ tradition. The lens used was a Contax 50mm f/1. Dan K is back, with a great rundown of the best manual film SLR’s. Quick disclaimer so you know who you’re dealing with: From my Instagram feed you’ll see that I’m a CONTAX fan boy and have owned a good share of their modern made cameras. Zeiss does not provide a MM (Maximum Magnification) specification for this lens, but I'd estimate it to be around . Set includes: Distagon 28mm 2. Nov 13, 2019 · Compatibility list of M42 lenses on Canon EOS 5D dslr and some others with different mount: Olympus Zuiko OM - Asahi Pentax PK - Contax Zeiss / Yashica C/Y - Praktina - Rollei QB - Leica R - Minolta - Nikon - Voigtländer - Schneider DKL tbc. They look to have different coatings as the reflections are different colors. Mar 18, 2017 · Early Carl Zeiss lenses in the C/Y mount were of the AE-variety and could support aperture priority and manual. A bit after the falling out, Zeiss teamed up with Yashica to produce the Contax line of cameras and lenses. Die AE- und die MM- Objektive für das Contax/Yashica-Bajonett sind dabei zusammengefaßt und mit dem Vermerk, um welche Variante es sich handelt versehen. For wildlife, candid and sport, this is indispensable. net. 7-F6. Sep 06, 2013 · Many Contax G lenses, which were made by Carl Zeiss, are available in excellent condition, and generally cost between $300-600 depending on the lens. After all, if this rebranded, electronic Yashica were anything worthwhile I’d have heard about it from my friends at the camera shop, or spied one scrolling by […] Mar 18, 2009 · Going foward I am have a few questions. I also thought and still think that the 167MT is the best value in the Contax line. 4 for Contax/Yashica mount was manufactured in AE and MM formats. I need an 85mm lens. 4/50 with QBM mount can be bought for a little less than the Zeiss version so if you want to use it on the Sony a7 series it is probably the smarter buy but you need a different adapter. 2 portrait shooters, AF is a potentially hazardous irrelevance. 4 vs Zeiss  Contax began as a camera model in the Zeiss Ikon line in 1932, and later . Germany. ) Image quality  18 Mar 2017 Early Carl Zeiss lenses in the C/Y mount were of the AE-variety and could support aperture priority and manual. 0 Carl Zeiss Planar lens. The Carl Zeiss 85mm ƒ/1. Things which later become familiar and routine are fresh and sometimes confusing. We buy & sell all types of classic photographic equipment in-store and online. Excellent camera, but pretty much fully automated, you can ride the AE lock button on the back and get used to listening to how much buzz your lens does - to kind of judge your focus the lenses are beasts and do produce very nice enlargements from fine film. May 08, 2011 · Re: Zeiss 50mm 1. 7) AE vs MM, GERMANY vs JAPAN This stumps  20 Jun 2016 Zeiss Contax lenses are a popular choice for digital filmmaking. Jan 07, 2011 · The lens mount allowed for fully-coupled auto-exposure metering. Nov 24, 2018 · Zeiss Batis APO Sonnar 135mm f/2. •Z-axis clearance extended an additional 100-300mmは新しいMMレンズだからバルサムとは言っても曇ってると思うよ それってAE付いてるんだっけ //www. Zeiss Ikon Lenses. 5 100 mm AE. Leica lenses are great, but are Leica’s lenses the finest in the world of 35mm? Well, that’s very subjective. The Otis Distagon weighs in at almost two and a half pounds vs the FE Sonnar 55mm at around half a pound. The Zeiss ZE 85's MFD (Minimum Focus Distance) (measured) is slightly longer than the comparison lenses shown in the above chart with the exception of the closest comparable lens - the Canon EF 85mm f/1. Contax Planar T* 85mm f1. internal struggle of the Minolta 50 f/2 vs Zeiss CY 50 f/1. Unfortunately, the program mode of later manual-focus Yashica (Kyocera) bodies (FX-103, 107/108/109 MP) does not have full MM compatibility. 私も質問で申し訳ないのですが、皆さんは中古レンズを何処のshopで買っていますか?お勧めの店、店巡りのコースなど、教えて頂ければ行ってみたいと思います。 i noticed that the leitax adapted Contax/Zeiss C/Y MM mount, Leica R, Zeiss ZF &ZF. This is the only one rare Contax lens that I own, the only Zeiss 135mm in Planar design. The Zeiss Planar 1. Will all adaptors produce the same focus issues? Contax was a camera brand noted for its unique technical innovation and a wide range of Zeiss lenses, known for their high optical quality. Aug 17, 2014 · The Konica Hexanon AR 24 mm F2. My conclusion is that I would still go first for the 1. The older AE type will have a better colour redition than the MM type under tunsten lighting night shots and the MM tend to biased to reddish hue. A) They are FULL FRAME . The body is available in various different Fotasy CY Lens to Sony E-Mount Adapter, Contax Zeiss C/Y Lens to E Mount Adapter, E Mount Contax Lens, fits Sony NEX-5T NEX-6 NEX-7 a3000 a3500 a5000 a5100 a6000 a6100 a6300 a6400 a6400 a6500 a6600 K&F Concept Lens Mount Adapter, Contax/Yashica (C/Y) Lens to Sony Alpha NEX E-Mount Camera you will have to mount the Contax 645 lens first either to a Contax 645 camera or via the Contax NAM-1 adapter to a Canon EF camera, set they wanted aperture (e. (AE or MM is never actually mentioned anywhere on the lens. Aug 09, 2017 · As the company changed hands, the Ernemann tower continued to be operated by Zeiss-Ikon and eventually VEB Zeiss-Ikon Dresden. GREAT. 4 both have aperture rings. 5 camera lens has a minimum aperture of f/22. OTOH the Canon offerings could be 8x cheaper! 小型軽量で、1/4000 x1/250の高速シャッター、手巻き ae mm対応。 現代的な性能と、クラシカルな赴きが共存していて、アリアとs2系の 「ココだけ欲しい」を合わせたような佇まいが、mfコンタクス使いの ハートを掴んでいるのではないかなと。 Feb 05, 2016 · The other two models are the Leica MP, basically the same as the M-A but with battery operated TTL metering, and the long running Leica M7, which has an electronically timed shutter horizontal focal-plane shutter with speeds from 32-1/1000 sec manual mechanical speeds of 1/60 and 1/125 sec for emergencies, and provides an aperture-priority auto Feb 05, 2016 · The other two models are the Leica MP, basically the same as the M-A but with battery operated TTL metering, and the long running Leica M7, which has an electronically timed shutter horizontal focal-plane shutter with speeds from 32-1/1000 sec manual mechanical speeds of 1/60 and 1/125 sec for emergencies, and provides an aperture-priority auto Canon New F-1 F1 AE Finder 35mm SLR Film Camera Black Hasselblad 500C/M + Zeiss Planar 80 mm + Magazin black Rare Mint++Contax G2 Black Camera Carl Zeiss 35 mm Focus Free (3 Suisses) Panoramic-Normal (François Saget) Tele-Wide Olympus Trip MD3 Trip 300 Panac 50mm Ricoh LX-25 Sunix PC-606 Toma M-618 Toy cameras Fisher-Price 35 mm Tiger Pokemon Half format 18 x 24 mm Canon Dial Olympus Pen F Pen FT Yashica Rapide 【CONTAX】コンタックスのスレッド*15【contax】 だから、ZEISSで撮る。だからCONTAXを使う。 ただAEとMMではコントラスト contax 159 mm(1984年上市) contax 167 mt(1986年上市) contax rts iii(1990年上市)- pre-flash ttl , 100%觀景器 , 內建垂直快門釋放扭 , 即時真空抽氣底片壓板。 contax st(1992年上市) contax s2(1992年上市)- 純機械式銀色鈦機身; 黑色鈦型1994年推出。 A single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is a camera that uses a semi-automatic moving mirror system which permits the photographer to sometimes see exactly what will be captured by the film or digital imaging system, as opposed to pre-SLR cameras where the view through the viewfinder could be significantly different from what was captured on film. NEW EQUIPMENT. Like its slower f/1. Aug 03, 2012 · Contax Carl Zeiss Lenses MMJ & MMG versions what are your thoughts on these and are they worth it over the standard Canon's. One important consideration, Zeiss no longer services the Contax 28mm F2 in the older AE configuration (MM’s are still serviced). The universal lens bodies connected via a bayonet to one side of an Adaptall adapter, whose other side had a camera-specific fitting. 8 Distagon - the only lens I have an Apr 05, 2009 · Zeiss 聞名於其 T* 鍍膜,其透明與成色至今為人津津樂道。Contax是Zeiss於2戰前就建立的品牌,中間停止了一段時間,而在1975年重新推出此品牌,結合T* 組合成殺手級產品。在SLR的部分是推出了 Contax/Yashica 接環的手動交換鏡頭與機身。 One thing that I did notice shooting the Zeiss Sonnar 85mm and the Tamron 90mm beside each other (one on the x-t1 and one on the x-pro1) is that — and this is baffling to me — the Tamron is wider than the Zeiss — not by much, but by at least a mm or two of focal length. When Zeiss updated the mounts they were designated as MM. MM mezi 1984 a 2005. 2 model). Germany Zeiss 300 f4 and decided to expand my manual focus Contax system. Click the button below to add the Contax 100mm f/2. Aug 04, 2009 · I used this lens on a Contax 167MT and various Canon SLRs and DSLRs using adapters. My dad gave me my first camera (a Zeiss Contax) back in the 50s. I paid £74 for it and would accept the same price plus £4 insured postage. Canon lenses on EOS digital. Just so you know that my comparison may be a little biased but I still believe the 139Q can be a great first film camera or a nice piece to Mar 21, 2005 · Contax Zeiss Zooms vs Canon-My results summary Mar 21, 2005 i have done a bunch of testing now with the canon 35/1. A lot of the Carl Zeiss "made in West Germany" lens owners pour the oil into the fire of this discussion saying that they had one analogue "made in Japan" before, and Have gotten more interested in photography of late (just got a Fujifilm X-T2 which is fantastic) and read web commentaries about the high quality Contax G model series as an "inspiration" for the Fuji X-Series. I guess you could say that I’m an avid Nikon fan. 0 which was joined by another compact Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 60mm C f/2. Other than these 2 obvious differences, what else might I be missing? Contax brand name so they could be sold at unjustifiably high prices. . 5倍となるので、『Planar T* 50mm f1. 8 for testing, prior to its official release. Buy and sell used Contax camera equipment at KEH Camera. 8 135mm MM version. But if you like to shoot long lenses you don't have much of a choice, the Zeiss lenses stop at a mere 300 mm while Leica has the edge here. 2 and Voigtleander SL_II lenses are not mentioned. Contax TVS (Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar 3. Review posted 4/8/03 Click to take a QTVR tour of the TVS Digital Incorporating a 5 megapixel CCD, the Contax TVS Digital combines the superior optical quality from a newly-designed Carl Zeiss T* Vario Sonnar lens with the cutting-edge technology that Contax is famous for. 4 and the zoom, which were made in Japan. Canon 5D Mark II with a Contax Zeiss 60mm f/2. The lens is fully multi coated using Zeiss’ T* coatings, one of the best available – however since the lens is at a minimum nearly 10 years (Carl Zeiss produced the MM version for Contax from 1985 to 2005), the coatings are not optimized for digital, however flare is virtually non existent. In this regard, it doesn’t disappoint either. Čas od času se tam objeví velmi pěkné kousky, ale je potřeba mít se na pozoru. To get the convenience of an Olympus XA and a Zeiss designed Sonnar in one package, the photographer will need to step up Kyocera / Yashica built Contax T - which in addition to a superb lens, has a better rangefinder design than the Olympus XA. 8 Canon AE-1 Program Canonet QL19 Canon FD 35-70mm f4 Canon FD 50mm f1. There is no physical room/space for an adapter so you will need to swap mounts which is very straight forward. a super 35 sensor makes with this glass. This camera is fully functional, and ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos. All CONTAX/Yashica (C/Y) CARL ZEISS T* lenses are compatible with CONTAX AX with no adaptation required. Back to the Planar T* 50mm f/1. Jan 22, 2007 · hi mine has minimum aperture is white but seri no is 643xxxx and it is made in Jap. The Contax T2 is a autofocus 35mm compact camera released in 1991 by Kyocera under the Contax brand. Jan 07, 2011 · For the next two decades, Kyocera continued to produce film cameras under the Contax marquee, including a very nice 35mm Contax SLR series (which used Zeiss lenses), a medium format system, and the Contax G1/G2 rangefinders (also with Zeiss glass). The Zeiss/Contax lenses will focus to infinity, and your Nikon camera from D200 and upper model will meter in Av mode (stop down) and will show focus confirmation light in the viewfinder. 5 mm for both. Hasselblad H · Hasselblad V · Leica M · Leica R · M39 Leica Screw . Zeiss still services the MM version but not the AE version. f11) at the lens barrel, push the DOF button on the camera (so the aperture will close to the desired value) and unmount the lens. While RTS II retained the appearance of its predecessor, many regard this as a totally different camera. 7 zoom Lens lens with 6 elements in 5 groups. 8 T* AEJ Lens For Contax C/Y 4 out of 5 stars 2 product ratings 2 product ratings - Contax Carl Zeiss Distagon 35mm F2. Previously, I had written about the advantages of Zeiss Contax lenses being repurposed for modern cinema use. Additionally, the RX has a double-exposure function. When buying a used lens that is 10, 20 or 30 years old, there is a good chance that the lens will need service in the near future Contax Carl Zeiss Distagon 35mm F2. 8 MM and a 85mm f1. Contax N and Contax 645 add some more benefit in AF but only work on Sony A7xx or compatible platform. says: Harry, And Leica vs Contax is not actually a real battle. 4 85mm AE version, Contax 3. 8 was originally manufactured as an AE version, and later was replaced by an MM variant. 8 , a mi entender es de los mejores 28 que existen, las dos versiones AE (la más antigua), y la versión MM más moderna (se distingue por el nº 22 pintado de verde). 11x. I bought the Mutar II and III to go with it. 0 Make offer - Sony FE 35mm f/2. Contax Zeiss 18mm f4 v Nikon AF-S 17-35mm f2. Of course the AF Contax is a lot different experience than the M, which probably accounts for the M still apparently outselling the Contax. It's often said that everyone who's serious about photography should have a point-and-shoot, and keep it in their pocket at all times. 8 in the 21mm play-offs for second place to the Zeiss 21mm, the natural next step was to assess its performance against the Contax Zeiss 18mm f4 Distagon. 4 f stop produce soften sharp image that is good for potraiture. 8/60 Makro-Planar being remounted in EF. 8 AEJ // Carl Zeiss T* Lens . Great post! I just picked up a set of Contax Zeiss primes and they’re treating me well on my a6300 (which I love too). Also with rubberized "O" rings and special gaskets for use in adverse weather. In 1982, Contax revised the formula of the original Contax RTS, and created the RTS II. Coating changes yes, but not necessarily from AE to MM but all the time progressively. Zuiko 35mm f2. 5 Distagon to the 1000mm f/5. The MM mounts offer more in the way of exposure and metering. 5 Zoom Lens, Paperwork, Eyecup and Battery Contax 139Q 35mm Film SLR Camera Contax RTS II is an SLR 35mm film camera, manufactured by Yashica/Kyocera and introduced in 1982. 9 out of 5 - 14 reviews Of the three lenses, the Zeiss optical design is clearly the best. Here are the economics. It was introduced on 2 March 1987, Canon’s 50th anniversary, and discontinued in February 1989. First are Contax lenses just marked Zeiss and never Contax? Second is regarding the AE or MM types. php on line 143 Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated Nowadays, the question of how to choose the best film cameras is quite popular among photographers. Little Glass Eye: Rollei AFM 35. com and I have enjoyed it so much I had to write down some thoughts about using it on the Leica M and MM. 2005 Top 15 Unusual Cameras Top 14 Spy Search 4508 quality used items from the London Camera Exchange Group. I have a complete list of all the Contax AE & MM lenses and where  Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1,4/85 for 35mm SLR/DSLR Which C/Y 85 to buy, AE or MM? Optical question. 4 MM Zeiss Planar. 7, it is just a little bit soft but it is in a nice kind of way soft. 2 helps users produce professional-quality images. My personal encounter with the MM and AE mount type Both made in W. The lens element is flatter than a normal lens and it has a focusing ring that allows closer focus than a normal lens. Lenses made in Germany are considered by some to be better, but most of the Zeiss lenses - except some exotic and rare items are mostly produced in Japan now. 8, with a mirrorless digital camera. I’m not so sure myself What is it? This is a Canon AV-1 35mm SLR camera which was the third in the line of Canon A-series film SLRs released in the late 1970s. My second camera was a Nikon F (which I still have), then came a Nikon D800E, a D810, a D850, and finally the new Z 7. 5 100. My version is the AE made in Germany version that was released with the Contax RTS. My only reservations against the 85mm f2. So is this the AE or MM. The A-series was one of the most popular line of cameras in the world and helped cement Canon as one of the top camera makers in the world. Are these just Zeiss/Contax or did Yashica make a AE or MM version? Would AE, MM and T be equal optically or does the buck stop at T for superior coating? May 21, 2015 · Filter size is 40. Ease of carry/pocketability: while neither camera is a Minox by any stretch of the imagination, the M9 with its all-metal and glass construction weighs in at 2 lbs, whereas the NEX-7 (with Jul 14, 2016 · Leica vs. 8 Makro Planar for medium and large format, The history of the single-lens reflex camera (SLR) begins with the use of a reflex mirror in a camera obscura described in 1676, but it took a long time for the design to succeed for photographic cameras: the first patent was granted in 1861, and the first cameras were produced in 1884 but while elegantly simple in concept, they were very complex in practice. 8 vs. It's fairly easy to operate and capable of decent image quality, but still easily bested by scans from our local photo lab. The lens will stay at this aperture. (Though some people LIKE the AE Aug 19, 2014 · The 167MT was my first Contax body. As an example, the rear mount on the 18mm Distagon changed. 23 May 2016 Here's one way to modify Contax Zeiss lenses to work with an EF to Sony in look that a full frame vs. Find Contax TVS 28mm-56mm F3. Oct 26, 2018 · This video is unavailable. 2. With the m4/3 system and the success of the G1 and GH1, many have hoped to resurrect the Contax G line for the new m4/3 system. Introduction and Selection Criteria Vintage & Analogue camera specialists in Leeds Grand Aracade. 4』は、中古品を『CONTAX専門店 カメラの極楽堂』で AB+の36,800円で購入しました。 The 28-85, 35-70 and 80-200 Contax MM zooms are superb optics; only the 28-70 is a weak performer, but so is Leica's 28-70 which is a rehashed Sigma lens. Note that being manual focus lenses, the Samyang 35mm f/1. However the Contax line is an even slower seller than the Leica R line, which draws heavily on the Leica name and crossover sales from M users. This one was shot with the original Canon EOS-1Ds 11mp camera introduced in 2002 and reviewed on these pages. It was the second of the T series of high-end compact film cameras targeted at the professional and luxury consumer markets. We have many professional tests of digital photography equipment. With the Contax 159 MM of  24 Sep 2018 I wanted to get this in the MM version, but all I could find is AE. ZEISS - an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. This lens was my fathers and I am very glad he bought it! He was very careful, being a workingman with limited financial resources, and therefore read up on and researched which Zeiss lens was best for him before he purchased a high ticket item such as this. MM's are later and have better T* coatings, so they exhibit better flare resistance. Dan Warner · 5 Selling Carl Zeiss Lens? Team Rocket  AE- und MM-Objektive für Contax-Kameras Objektive werden (wurden) in Deutschland hergestellt, die anderen wurden von Carl Zeiss, Japan hergestellt. I owned two Contax 645 systems and now own the Mamiya AFDII. excellent contax t2 limited black 35mm point amp; shoot wcase from japan 2673, near mint contax t2 35mm point amp; shoot film camera from japan 284, excellent contax g2 35mm rangefinder film camera body from japan, all works properlycontax g1 carl zeiss biogon 28mm f28 from japan 1111, contax distagon 35mm f14 mmj wcap used, contax planar t35mm Jan 13, 2009 · Contax 645 with Kodak DCS Pro Back 645MP-1 Battery Grip and 80mm f/2 Planar Lens The first 30 minutes with a new camera are for me the most telling. These are my commences; Both are different. Contax AE Prism Finder MF-1 for Contax 645. I purchased the a7II for the purpose of being able to use vintage lenses from Konica, Minolta, Leica, Pentax, Olympus, Industar, Pentax, Zeiss, Fed, Contax, Kiev, Yashica, Nikon, Canon and a host of others. 4 Planar is a sharp lens, but for maximum sharpness it must be used stopped-down to at least ƒ/4. Film photography is coming back and more and more professional shooters prefer taking studio and street photos with the best 35mm film camera. 3-4). Located in the Netherlands Pictures are coming Contax Carl Zeiss Sonnar 90mm F 2 8 T Excellent From Japan Free Shipping 72 Sale. 8 Sonnar on the Fujifilm X-E1. The Zeiss is a Zeiss: absolutely no bigger than it needs to be, beautifully T* coated, and an understated aura of indestructibility about its construction - this, incidentally, was an absolutely mint MM sample on a dSLR Exchange adaptor. Too bad you don't actually own any. 7/50 can of course be used on a wide range of Contax and . May 02, 2019 · Tamron Adaptall Lenses. Point it around the scene you wish to shoot, and it gives you a set of meter readings. Contax 60/2,8 Makro Planar C Carl Zeiss MM T* Y For sale: a Contax Zeiss prime set, all are in mint condition, the only one with cosmetical marks on the body is the 50mm 1. I have a question about two lenses I own, I have used the Contax G2 cameras with the lenses I own but am hoping to be able to use the two lenses that I have now, a Contax G mount Zeiss Planar 35mm f/2 and the Contax G mount Zeiss Biogon 21mm f/2. A huge range of used stock which changes daily, 120 and 35mm film, processing, advice and much more! Contax T2s and T3s feature titanium bodies, and stellar Zeiss 35mm f/2. 5 info faster! We have a mega list of reviews, specs, where to buy, example images, manual PDFs, forum searches, and videos! Apr 04, 2016 · Comparative lens review - Zeiss Otus 55/1. 8, 1/125, F4, ISO200 NEXにCONTAXのレンズを装着した場合、焦点距離はレンズ表記の焦点距離の1. Dec 23, 2012 · Why You Should Digitize Your Film Using a Camera Instead of a Scanner. aoleg wrote: There are a few things that were different between at least some AE and MM lenses. Indeed, it is quite an excellent lens which lives up to the expectations of Zeiss users. With our passion for excellence, we create value for our customers and inspire the world to see in new ways. 4 ロックの帝王。サスペンスドラマの帝王。ミナミの帝王。世にはいろんな帝王がいますが,このレンズは「標準レンズの帝王」と呼ばれているそうです。 Now, about the lenses, that camera is a C-Y mount, that means all of those really awesome zeiss lenses work on it. Apr 12, 2018 · Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T*100mm F2. The Yashica T4 Super, (also known as T4 Super D, T5, and Kyocera T Proof), was the last model in the T series of 35 mm compact cameras manufactured by Kyocera Corporation for Yashica. com for the Zeiss 50mm f/1. 8 weighs in at a dainty $2,198 USD vs. Adapters exist to allow mounting of a number of older (and some newer) manual focus lenses on Canon EOS bodies. the famed 35mm rangefinder camera made from Since manual-focus Contax and Yashica manual-focus 35mm SLR cameras share Contax 159 MM · Contax 167MT, Contax Aria, Contax AX, Contax CGCM The biggest Contax User Forum – Contaxinfo. 4 Lens at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! As to the "AE" vs "MM" distinction, the AE mount Contax Zeiss lenses were the original Zeiss lens mounts. 4 Black and White Canon 30D Canon 70D Canon 85mm f1. Since the longest lenses I use are 200(+ maybe a TC), contax is the right thing for me. Canon Canon AE-1 35mm Film SLR Camera with Albinar 38-70mm F/3. 4 85 AE and the 3. 5 prime lens, UV filter, eyecup and lens cap. It also depends on how you feel about autofocus: for sports photographers, life without AF is unthinkable. With regards to the AE vs MM versions, generally my MM versions have been a bit sharper at F2. 8 and the 85/f2. 7, the rest are all 120% in perfect condition. 4 C/Y Lens VS Germany Lens: Find the Difference Very actual question caused heated argument among the Internet society not only in Russian web space. The shot below was taken with the Contax G 90mm f/2. Apparently what Zeiss wanted was a Japanese lens manufacturer to produce their Contax line of cameras & Lenses. First and foremost you need to ensure that the Contax lens has the MM version of the C/Y mount. In Feb 2006 there was a l-o-n-g discussion about Canon vs. Contax T-2 Gold 60th Anniversary. 8 AE (for CONTAX / YASHICA  I am wondering if there are hidden Zeiss jeweles branded Yashica or . 0. 4 vs Zeiss Planar 50/1. the Leica M9 + Summilux 35mm f/1. I can assure you that the Mamiya is the better body in every functional respect; faster AF, better AE, brighter viewfinder. 8 with Fuji 24 réflexions sur “ 45, 50, or 55mm candidate for recycling onto an A7 series camera — The Contax AE/MM mount (Contax/Yashica SLR Mount) Carl Zeiss Planar 50 AE、MM、日独取り揃えてるとなると、日本でも、世界でも一番でしょうかね。 CONTAXの商標自体は、Carl Zeiss財団が持って The Yashica FX-3 was released in 1979, and although it bares the Yashica name it was technically manufactured by Cosina. Thought I restart my film experience and got a Contax G2 camera with Carl Zeiss 28mm & 45mm lenses. Contax 21mm F/2. The MM also have AE functions on contax cameras that I have no need to worry about. Aug 06, 2019 · Contax Carl Zeiss CY mount lens family Photograph courtesy of Brian Truman, 6 Towns Photography Club and Simon Forster. 8, I would expect the Otis to be a larger, heavier lens. May 4, 2018 #13 ZeissImages The most complete gallery of images captured with Zeiss lenses FS: Contax Zeiss set sicovdplas December 2012 For sale: a Contax Zeiss prime set, all are in mint condition, the only one with cosmetical marks on the body is the 50mm 1. All killer lenses, the zoom actually matches very well with the primes and it's a great walk-around lens on my 7D (less so with a BMCC). 4 was the best amoung the short tele photo of the zeiss range( range 70 - 180 )except 135F2. The instructions for the two AE lenses are HERE And this one is the Pentax bayonet for a selection of Zeiss/Contax MM lenses, please find the instructions  22 Nov 2017 Review of the Carl Zeiss Planar 1,7/50 on the Sony a7 which covers The younger MM version usually sells for a little bit more than the older AE version. It features a 30mm-60mm F3. Yashica ML 35mm f/2. Contax N Digital has an Overall Score of 42/100 and ranked #0 out of 202 in DSLR cameras (Top 10 DSLR), and ranked #0 out of 1188 in all Cameras (Top 10 Overall). I own all the Contax 1. Like the Contax RTS series of 35mm SLR cameras, Yashica's T series was a product of the partnership between Kyocera and Ideální místo, kde se Contax Zeiss objektivy dají pořídit, je ebay. Also, the quick transition from bokeh blur to in-focus contributes to the 3D feel in the images. The Contax TVS (VS= Vario-Sonnar) is a compact and sturdy camera, and it comes with a mechanical zoom that is like no other point and shoot camera. As you know, this site is focused to give more possibilities to our Pentax film or digital cameras and, finally, with our replacement bayonet, we can use a selection of lenses for Contax, made by Carl Zeiss. 28mm f/2. The first series was the excellent FR (not unlike the concurrent Contax RTS), the FR-1 and FR-2, and on the other side the no-frills FX series: FX, FX-2, FX-3. The general consensus was that Canon wide-primes were weaker than Leica or Zeiss equivalents. This cap coordinates with Contax lenses that have a 55mm filter thread. AE is AutoExposure (older Contax camera control) MM is multi-mode (newer Contax SLR control) G is made in Germany J is made in Japan Coating developments are more or less continuous, and so it's likely that coatings changed (slightly) both between AE and MM variants, and within variants, for lenses with long production runs. Contax Manual This Zeiss camera lens has the Zeiss T anti-reflective coating that helps prevent ghosts and other distortions of image quality. 5=実際の焦点距離75mm」になります。 『Planar T* 50mm f1. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. May 27, 2003 · I use the 25mm distagon made in West Germany (AE)version. 8 は地味めなお姉さんレンズ ラベル: レンズ , 写真 OM-D E-M10, CONTAX Carl Zeiss Distagon 28mm F2. Film Photography in the Digital Era Best digital cameras and lens reviews. 4 vs Zeiss Milvus 50/1. Comparison Zeiss S-Planar 60mm versus Zeiss ZE 50mm Makro 5 Feb 2019 Contax/Yashica (C/Y) lenses are manual-focus lenses marketed by One of the more interesting adaptations of the Zeiss AE/MM lenses is to  8 Jul 2018 Contax Zeiss lenses were designed for 35mm full frame, which means they'll cover all the way The first one is AE and the second one is MM. Around 1973, Canon started a new multi-coating process called SSC or Super-Spectra Coating. Nov 23, 2016 · Testing lenses at 35mm on Sony A7S2. Greetings, I wish to share two facts with You: 1) I believe that German made lenses are more expensive, because they are much more difficult to produce and cost of man-hour is greater in Germany than in Japan :) I believe also in Rainer's information that all lenses meet the same standards at factory's output, but some of them are easier to manufacture and some of them not. 4, 50mm 1. What this means to you is that the cheapest path to Zeiss glass for Contax SLRs is through a late-model Yashica. 8/35, 1. 8 Film Film Camera Review Film Walk Fujicolor 200 Fuji Superia Locate d planar on sale today on the internet. 10 or . As far as build quality, the Mamiya only looks like something plastic fantastic -- in reality it is a very solid camera. You can choose the working mode of the AE-lock, the automatic bracketing function and the option to let the film-leader stay out of the cartridge after rewinding. Zeiss re-released a 60th Anniversary version which was also made by Germany and is compatible to MM Discuss: Contax Tvs III - Point & Shoot / Zoom camera - 35mm Sign in to comment. 8 Sonar 135mm 2. It’s completely manual and features a focal plane shutter, but the real bonus on this camera is that it’s compatible with all Yashica and Contax lenses — including the Contax Carl Zeiss T lenses. The Leica M7) The beauty of the M7 is the simplicity of the AE function. I am not sure what changed, although the lenses mostly ※他のショッピングサイトにも出品しております。 無くなり次第販売終了となりますので、予めご了承ください。― 外観 ―使用感少ない綺麗な外観です。 24 Roll Challenge 35mm Film 50mm f1. Jun 20, 2014 · The Unsung Heroes of 35mm Photography – Part III (Manual Focus SLR Lenses) by Dan K Definitely worth the wait. 5 100mm AE version and Contax 2. Our mount allows to use Carl Zeiss T* 35mm SLR Manual Focus Lenses on Nikon cameras, but only MM type with narrow diameter bayonet. Second because of the sort comings of the scanner and last because of the difference of mediums, analog vs digital. 0MP Pro DSLR camera with a Full frame (36 x 24 mm ) sized CCD sensor. I’ll probably be doing a few of these posts when I think of a batch of interesting and quirky cameras that I find desirable. . C/Y mount 135/2 Planar with Contax 72/86 ring, Hood 4 and 86mm metal cap. Nikdy nekupujte verze G, N nebo 645. Buy Sony Camera Lens for Zeiss and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Sony Zeiss 16-35 mm F/4. 8 Planar 50mm 1. 4 AE for projecting slides mostly. "" The 85mmF1. All that being said, I think the "emotional" difference in these two images is created mostly by the time they were shot and the change of light between those times. It’s brilliant. Mar 19, 2016 · The Zeiss ikon Auto Exposure (in use, vs. 8, Contax Zeiss 35-70 Vario Sonnar Manual Focus, and 28-85 Vario Sonnar Manual Focus Lenses-- all on the full frame1Dsmk2. A new look at the Zeiss ZM 50mm Planar f/2 Lens. My personal encounter with the MM and AE mount type Both made in W. Zeiss made both a screw in and push on lens hood for this size; both tend to be pricey and they both block a lot of the viewfinder on the Contax. See more ideas about Vintage cameras, Camera and Film camera. May 24, 2019 · Contax 139Q VS Canon AE-1. 4 at a staggering $12,990 USD. This video sample is from the rare Contax Zeiss Distagon 28mm F2 "Hollywood" and the Sony A7S. 4 35mm Primes user reviews : 4. The two lenses, Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 60mm f/2. Great low-light performance, with bokeh, sharpness, and versatility in spades, it also suffers from softness in the corners and heavy vignetting shot wide open. The Mamiya 7 II is a medium format 6x7cm rangefinder camera with interchangeable leaf shutter lenses. 7 Carl Zeiss AE (pre-MM) lens in near mint condition. Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /home/u614785150/public_html/q634a/ueaf2. •ZEISS Active Scanning or touch-trigger and passive scanning. Contax by Zeiss Ikon - Robert Capa's D-Day camera Contax with Zeiss Lenses Brochure In contrast to the contemporary Leica which was evolved from its original concept into a photographic system, the Contax was designed as the heart of a photogr… Web Site devoted to collecting and using Antique and Classic Cameras. 4 Auto Miranda 28mm f2. spot metering, permanent AE-lock, automatic bracketing Thus users could perform auto-focus of Hasselblad V-series lenses with  Results 1 - 48 of 91 100 > CONTAX Macro Planar 100 mm F2. Zeiss also sold the Planar to Rollei. For architectural photographers and f1. 4 ZE vs older Contax mount Zeiss In reply to gavin_g • May 14, 2011 Gavin -- Using LV, you need to stop down your lens to the taking aperture to do precise focus due to this lens having focus shift. CONTAX Makro-Planar T*100mm F/2. One of the more interesting adaptations of the Zeiss AE/MM lenses is to the Contax AX camera, built by Kyocera. 8 The earliest ones are the softest but still only marginally softer than the Zeiss 35 2. 8 35mm Carl Made in Distagon AE Lens Japan C/Y Contax/Yashica - - Japan Contax/Yashica C/Y Zeiss Distagon AE in f2. U-STONE Z-height raised bridge option •Increases the effective measuring range. 8 Lens Carl 35mm Made ZEISS IKON CONTAX RANGEFINDER CAMERA W/ TESSAR 50MM F2. Lenses starting around 1971 were marked with SSC on the lens barrel. The first Contax T was a 35mm rangefinder camera released in the 1980's. Contax G2 system with a 45mm f/2. Es una lente manual y como podréis ver en los resultados, y como nos describen, posee una resolución soberbia ya desde plena apertura. 7 or the Rokinon f/1. Canon AE-1 Body Contax Carl Zeiss Distagon 28mm F2. In case you are looking for Contax Carl Zeiss Sonnar 90mm F 2 8 T Excellent From Japan Free Shipping 72 Shopping with moderately priced price tag, you appear to your proper put. CollectiBlend quick links: My Cameras Inventory Most watched camera listings Collectiblend Pocket Guide New classic cameras 243 Manufacturer logos Top 100 camera values Top 50 most often auctioned cameras Top 50 most often collected cameras Camera Manufacturers Timeline Camera Values Comparison: 1990 vs. Contax AE vs MM: 1. 4, and the AE one used to have that 'ninja star' bokeh at f/2-2. He absolutely swears by this wide angle lens, saying that it is one of the best lenses in its’ price range and ideal on any cropped sensor camera. aeとmmを簡単に区別するには、レンズの最小絞り値(絞り羽根を閉じた状態)の数字が緑であればmm、白であればaeである。その他、絞り羽根の形状、mmタイプ認識ピンなど異なる点は下の写真にて説明することとする。 aeとmmを簡単に区別するには、レンズの最小絞り値(絞り羽根を閉じた状態)の数字が緑であればmm、白であればaeである。その他、絞り羽根の形状、mmタイプ認識ピンなど異なる点は下の写真にて説明することとする。 What's the difference between Contax MM and AE lenses? that there might have been some minor changes in coating when Zeiss transitioned from AE to MM version. 5 because of the shape of its aperture blades. AE objektivy byly vyrobeny mezi 1975 a 1984. 4) and 1 Contax Zeiss Zoom (28-85 f3. 8 Distagon T* MM C/Y Mount Lens {82 Contax 35mm f/2 Carl Zeiss Planar T* Lens For Contax G System (G2 & Mod. g. Did they . AE- und MM-Objektive Auf dieser Seite geben wir eine Übersicht über die für das Contax/Yashica-Bajonett erhältlichen Zeiss-Objektive und die Telekonverter. It is "The Ultimate 6x7 Rangefinder", virtually no bigger than the top 35mm SLRs. Del Zeiss Distagon Contax 28-2. I did some comprison between the 1. Nov 12, 2015 · Zeiss manufactures the Zeiss 100mm F/2 MAKRO Planar T* ZE Lens for Canon (EF mount – the ZE model) and for Nikon (F mount – the ZF. In the mid-1970s, Tamron launched a new line of interchangeable mount third party lenses that it appropriately named Adaptall. which version of the Zeiss C/Y 35mm did you test, the AE or the MM? My MM is pretty good even at Lomopedia: Yashica T4 Super 9 Share Tweet. This comes at the cost however, since we had lens for less than 5 days, and we usually need three weeks for the full comparative review. contax 159 mm(1984年上市) contax 167 mt(1986年上市) contax rts iii(1990年上市)- pre-flash ttl , 100%觀景器 , 內建垂直快門釋放扭 , 即時真空抽氣底片壓板。 contax st(1992年上市) contax s2(1992年上市)- 純機械式银色钛机身; 黑色钛型1994年推出。 Oct 14, 2014 · Hello everyone, As I start to collect more glass to my collection, I have a question for you guys. 4 Many of you know that I like old things, and that includes camera lenses. 4/50, 2. Wide-angle 35 Cameras ( 3 ) CONDITIONS : standard roll-film for 24x36 format fixed lens minimum 35mm not zoom and not reflex It's possible to recognize these special camerast evolution only seeing the picture in this page. I was looking into the MD f/1. Two of my lenses are AE (with the ninja iris blades) and the rest are MM. Ans definitely more expensive than their Zeiss counterparts. By the way, GiG, do you have any idea about decoding the CZ lens's series number ? ages ago GiG. This 18 mm f/3. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you Zeiss, Carl lenses information, photos, estimated values and completed auction prices May 23, 2016 · 42 thoughts on “ One way to modify Contax Zeiss lenses to work with Metabones Speedbooster ” Henry Gretzinger September 21, 2016 at 2:51 pm. 8 Canon Rebel T2 Color-Yashinon DX 45mm f1. The 1. 8 ZA SEL35F28Z. If you are looking for the information about digital cameras and lenses you are in a right place. 8 LENS ZEISS IKON CONTAX - $295. 4, lot of image samples Zeiss-C/Y lenses, optical differences from AE to MM, 2. You should be able to find a 167MT for £200. Zeiss decided to put these former Contax mount lenses in Nikon mounts instead, and that's how we get these ZF lenses. Great cameras and lenses. The 60th Anniversary Contax T-2 Gold was sold in 1992. Titanium top, bottom and front panels. A lens that is considered a macro lens is one that has two main factors. 4 in C/Y mount is the quintessential fast fifty, and it comes with all the wonders and pitfalls that this well-trod ground brings. Perhaps one of the cheapest Zeiss lens, but not the least in terms of quality. 2 L II. 6 Mirotar. The Sony a7II has the widest range of after-market adapters for the above brands I mentioned, and possibly more. Buy now. Zeiss owns Contax and also assisted Pentax in the design of the K mount. When the lens is wide open at f/1. liveauctioneers Jul 16, 2016 · The Leica M4 in many people’s eyes is the last of the classic Leica rangefinder cameras. If you are new to film and looking for an SLR guide, this would be a great start. Alot of web sites mix the AE and MM data, so there tend to be discrepancies in weight. If you notice that your camera cannot recognize the lens, make sure that the aperture is set to the minimum aperture of f/22. 7 Contax G1 D76 F. I mainly you this lens with the Contax S2 so what is the difference among versions. The lenses range from the 15mm f/3. This camera allows autofocus of the manual-focus Zeiss lenses, by actually moving the film Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Contax ZEISS Planar T 50mm f/1. On the other hand the yashica ML 50mm 1:2 is pretty good, some say even come close to the zeiss. I needed to clarify the point about Made in Japan vs Made in Western lens issue. Both variants are pretty common on the used markets these days, with good quality copies fetching ~US$250. 7 Sonar 85mm 2. At the time, I wanted to put most of my budget for a Contax system into the Carl Zeiss lenses. I have 4 Contax Zeiss Primes (28mm f2, 35mm f1. Aug 19, 2016 · I recently found myself the reluctant owner of a Contax 139 Quartz 35mm SLR, a camera about which I knew little and for which I cared even less. Originally I was going to buy the Canon 300 F4 L lens for my EOS3, but I found a good used W. 8 Auto Miranda 50mm f1. 4 85 versus the 3. 【CONTAX】コンタックスのスレ24【Carl Zeiss T*】 俺もAEとかMMとか意識してレンズ買ったことない(自分の持っている It's a pity you didn't understand the point of the article. Zeiss Contax 2. I have found new ones on eBay that are vented that fit properly and cost a lot less. 4, canon 24-70L, 16-35mm, canon 85mm 1. In fact, if you spend any time reading around forums and websites looking for opinion on this camera, you’ll find it holds the prize with many as being the ultimate Leica M camera. CONTAX Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm F1. I'd clean it up if I were you and was planning on switching to film, it's a pretty decent camera. ZEISS solutions contribute to world optics development and technological progress. All of my lenses are German made except for the 50mm 1. Feb 22, 2014 · - Canon AE-1 - was a H-U-G-E seller for Canon in the mid-1970s, despite being known as a "plastic camera" - Zeiss Ikon Contax I - gave Zeiss Ikon a foot in the door to compete with the Leica - Zeiss Ikon Contaflex (TLR) - claimed to be the first camera with a built-in light meter The following list is an attempt to offer a basic idea about the different mount types used by cameras with interchangeable lenses. Leica R lenses on photo. In 1990 the RTS II was replaced by the Contax RTS III. According to Carl Zeiss, the optical performance of both versions are identical, but there are plenty of rumors floating aroun on the web with claims that the later MM version is optically superior to the older AE one. This disappears on the 2nd or 3rd stop from wide open. Voigtlander discontinued the Bessa 35mm Rangefinder line in 2015, so whatever you can buy "new" today is just merely "new old stock" until inventory has been depleted. 8 deserving the most praise. 4 Summarit 40mm; my personal favorite, Fuji Klasse S, has a 38mm f/2. Zeiss Contax 1 -- 1932 first 35 system competitor to Leica ; Zeiss Contax 1 Accessories; Zeiss Contax II and III: worthy prewar Leica adversaries; Leica Vs Contax 35's Prewar Great Debate ; Zeiss Contax IIa/IIIa Rangefinders Great lenses and workmanship; Russian No Name Kiev 4A - 3rd version - "World's finest 35mm Rangefinder Camera" The E-mount is a lens mount designed by Sony for their NEX ("New E-mount eXperience" [citation needed]) and ILCE series of camcorders and mirrorless cameras. This article aims to go into further detail about these lenses and how to go about picking and adapting your lenses. 8 is the 85mm f1. Watch Queue Queue Later Contax SLR lenses for the auto-focus Contax N series built by Kyocera use a completely different and dedicated AF lens mount, aptly called "N mount. com, The German Contax User. Email this Article (From Carl Zeiss lens literature) With its 35-mm, the Distagon T* 1,4/35 matches the classic and versatile standard focal lengths when used on cameras with APS-C sensor formats. Wide open at ƒ/1. Jun 29, 2013 · And it is possible that my Contax 28mm F2 Distagon’s were slightly out of spec. Is there a digital body that will let me use analog Zeiss lenses from a Contax 167MT? They are T* MM lenses. 8 AE for Contax/Yashica ID:EL0399. , zoom But, I could claim the same for the Contax Zeiss lenses. AE vs MM, německo proti Japonsku. This article covers exactly what fits what and how focus and exposure are affected, along with links to a number of sources for adapters CONTAX コンタックス Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 70-200m」が85件の入札で10,255円という値段で落札されました。このページの平均落札価格は88,982円です。オークションの売買データからCONTAX AXの値段や価値をご確認いただけます。 Price: the NEX-7 with the Carl Zeiss 24 mm f/1. 8 Sonnar (click to enlarge) Zeiss Distagon MM lens) but my favorite focal length is in the 24/25 range so it would be pointless for me to get or test something I already have well taken care of in that deaprtment ;-) - though I do thank you for the suggestion. Let me know (on here) if you're interested. It always disturbed me that a so-called "semi-professional" camera like the Contax ST doesn't offer these possibilities. Released in 1999, the Contax TVS III 30mm-60mm F3. e. I Jan 01, 2011 · Some AE lenses were updated (minor redesigns) when Contax changed from the AE to the MM mount. To, co hledáte je verze RTS. Japan Carl Zeiss Planar 85/1. Feb 19, 2003 · welcome to the Carl Zeiss world! As with most CZ lenses, these are a great coupling (shows you how non-discriminating I am). 4』では、「50mm×1. Zeiss Contax 35mm f2. Contax T-VS digital, la versió digital de T-VS III amb un sensor CCD de Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar Tchet 2,8-4,8 / 7,3-21,9 mm i 5 megapíxels Contax i4R, el compacte més compacte de Contax Contax U4R i més tard SL300R Tchet, càmeres compactes amb un zoom Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar i una pantalla giratòria. AE's have an issue with the aperture blades - wide open is fine, but on the next one (or two) stops the blades will form a distinct "Ninja Star" shape. I decided that it was time I finally got serious, but for a number of reasons felt that the PowerShot S40 wasn't ideal for the mission. " While every brand has its adherents, optical testing has generally shown that Zeiss AE/MM lenses were among the sharpest ever made for a production 35mm SLR. Jun 18, 2019 · Optics – A full frame lens, all glass. Back to Basics camera with all manual settings and mechanical shutter. 8 Lens Review Introduction We were lucky to get Batis 135/2. 8 [published 2004] Further to the apparent narrow victory of the Nikon AF-S 17-35mm f2. The Contax G is the world's most advanced 35mm rangefinder camera system. The Contax/Pentacon FM being reviewed here was released in 1958 and offered only one new feature, which was a large split image focus aide in the viewfinder. A variety of measuring volumes •Five available sizes, increasing for larger tasks: X-bridge width at 700 mm or 1000 mm, Y length from 700 mm to 2100 mm. Zeiss f2. The Contax C/Y mount is extremely close to the Pentax K mount. contax zeiss ae vs mm